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FreeVR VR integration library

FreeVR is a VR integration library currently maintained at Indiana University's Advanced Visualization Lab. The design approach of FreeVR was to provide an API that call-for-call lines up with the CAVE library from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Occasionally new functionality was added, but little was left out. Another philosophical decision was to be as minimalist as possible, depending on as few other resources, and thus being easy to compile on just about any OS version.

There are pre-existing FreeVR Applications written at the University of Illinois and DRI as part of our immersive visualization ensemble. But before using a FreeVR application, one must first install and configure FreeVR.

FreeVR Versions

The FreeVR API has been very stable, so most versions from the past few years will work, though of course bugs are eliminated in each version and a handful of nifty features are generally added. The most recently released version of FreeVR (as of this writing [10/31/12]) is 0.6c.

FreeVR Dependencies

Basic FreeVR depends only on two packages which are generally installed on any self-respecting computer:

  • OpenGL
  • X-windows

Optionally, FreeVR can work with:

  • OpenSceneGraph

Nothing else should need to be installed for the library, though some applications will make use of additional libraries.

Installing FreeVR


Configuring FreeVR


Compiling FreeVR Applications


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