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Laramie Immersive Visualization Bootcamp

The second immersive visualization bootcamp was held in Laramie Wyoming on the University of Wyoming campus on June 12 - 14, 2013. There was another capacity crowd with considerable interaction among participants and speakers. We highly appreciate the team at the Wyoming School of Energy Resources who provided the facilities and hosted the lunch and evening gatherings. (We held our first bootcamp in Indianapolis.)

Demonstrating LidarViewer

Immersive visualization makes use of advanced display technologies such as the SER CAVE at the University of Wyoming to enhance one's ability to see relationships among data representations. The goal of this series of bootcamps is to empower operators and users of immersive (aka virtual reality) visualization facilities with software tools that will enable them to visualize data in a variety of formats using their advanced displays. Much of the software discussed is open-source to enable participants to freely incorporate packages into their workflow suite.

Sponsors of the bootcamp were Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), Idaho National Laboratory Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), University of Wyoming and Kitware, Inc.


Wednesday Afternoon
Talk Presenter
Introduction Sherman
The Vrui VR library Sherman
Toirt Samhaligh volume renderer Sherman
LidarViewer point cloud renderer Sherman
Vrui configuration Sherman
Thursday Morning
Talk Presenter
Visual Immeraction: Interaction Design and Input Considerations for Immersive Visualizations Banic
VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) Sherman
ML2VR (Matlab to VR) Sherman
Thursday Afternoon
Talk Presenter
ParaView VR Plugin Shetty
Technology demonstrations 3D Interaction and Agents (3DIA) Research Lab
Mechdyne Software Products Scharver
Friday Morning
Talk Presenter
Immserive Vis Workflow at Idaho National Lab Whiting
IQ-station (low-cost VR) Sherman
Immersive Vis community Sherman

3DIA research lab demonstrations

Wide-Area Tracked HMD Immersive Visualization Environment
Mobile-Based Navigation for Immersive Visualizations
BCI-Based Navigation for Virtual Environments
Classic Pit Demo


We had another capacity crowd at the Laramie bootcamp

Participant Affiliation
Amy Banic University of Wyoming
Jeff Braun Montana Tech
Eric Carlson University of Alabama
Stephen Cartwright University of Calgary
Josh Clark Mechdyne Corporation
Jacob Freiberg Simon Fraser University
Nicholas Graf University of Wyoming / WyGISC
Shane Grover Idaho National Laboratory
Jeff Hamerlinck University of Wyoming / WyGISC
David Hobbs Montana Tech/U. of Montana
Paddington Hodza University of Wyoming / WyGISC
Shawn Lanning University of Wyoming / WyGISC
April Lewis Oak Ridge National Laboratory
John McInroy University of Wyoming
Christopher Scharver Mechdyne Corporation
Mikhail Shashkov University of California - Davis
William Sherman Indiana University AVL
Nikhil Shetty Kitware Inc.
Derrick Turner Brigham Young University
Michael Urynowicz University of Wyoming
Andreas Werner Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH
Eric Whiting Idaho National Laboratory CAES
Khodabakhsh Zabihi University of Wyoming


Josh wiring computers
Nikhil doing OS installs
Nikhil and Josh setting up vis computers

Lonely computer room
Bill configuring Vrui
Bootcamp opening session
Toirt Samhlaigh
Amy's talk on Visual Immeraction
Lunch break
Immersive ParaView
Google Earth via Conduit
Unity via Get Real
Eric presenting INL's VR workflow
Wrapping up
Group shot