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Little Rock Immersive Visualization Bootcamp

The third immersive visualization bootcamp was held in Little Rock on the University of Arkansas, Little Rock campus on October 22 - 24, 2014. Another great group of participants filled the hall, again with considerable interactions between participants and speakers. Our host facility was the Emerging Analytics Center, who provided help with the arrangements, even while transitioning to new leadership under Carolina Cruz-Neira.

Hosted by UALR

Immersive visualization makes use of advanced display technologies such as the EAC CAVE at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock to enhance one's ability to see relationships among data representations. The goal of this series of bootcamps is to empower operators and users of immersive (aka virtual reality) visualization facilities with software tools that will enable them to visualize data in a variety of formats using their advanced displays. Much of the software discussed is open-source to enable participants to freely incorporate packages into their workflow suite.

Sponsors of the bootcamp were Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), Idaho National Laboratory Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), Emerging Analytics Center, and Kitware, Inc.


Wednesday Afternoon
Talk Presenter
Introduction Sherman
The Vrui VR library Sherman
LidarViewer point cloud renderer Sherman
Toirt Samhaligh volume renderer Sherman
Thursday Morning
Talk Presenter
Vrui configuration Sherman
VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) Sherman
Visual Immeraction: Interaction Design and Input Considerations for Immersive Visualizations Banic (tele-presentation)
ParaView VR Plugin Shetty
Thursday Afternoon
Talk Presenter
Immersive-VTK Sherman
Technology demonstrations EAC CAVE applications
Unity & VR Jerald
Friday Morning
Talk Presenter
Immserive Vis Workflow at Idaho National Lab Whiting (tele-presentation)
The Design of Immersive Visualization Facilities at The University of Wyoming Shetty
IQ-station (low-cost VR) Sherman
Immersive Vis community Sherman


We had another capacity crowd at the Little Rock bootcamp. The participant list will be published when consent has been given to includes names here.


Bootcamp Welcome
Amy presenting as video and point-cloud
Nikhil presenting Immersive ParaView
Jason's talk on Unity for VR
Bill introducing the demos
Yassine preparing the CAVE for demos
Jason and Nikhil preparing demos
Anatomy in the EAC CAVE
Geology in the EAC CAVE
Nikhil demonstrating Immersive ParaView
Immersive ParaView and Unity demos
Jason demonstrating Unity in an Oculus Rift DK-2
Trying out the brain puzzle
Trying out the brain puzzle
Immersive visualization in ParaView
Dinner at Tokyo House
Dinner at Tokyo House
Eric on the Double Robot interacting with the participants
Eric answering Ricks question
The back of Erics head
Nikhil's presentation on the Wyoming SER facility
Bill trying out the Oculus DK-2
Yassine demonstrating the CAVE point-cloud viewer